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What’s in that bottle?

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

Why I chose a GREEN philosophy as a hairstylist:

After learning that professionals in the beauty industry are 3 TIMES more likely than the average person to develop health problems due to inhalation and absorption of chemicals, I started doing some research.

Hairdressers are one of the top professions prone to cancer. That’s scary! Side effects linked to beauty product ingredients include allergies, cancer, skin irritation, hormonal disorders, tumors, kidney and liver problems, endocrine blockers and more. I am becoming more aware of my environment and the industry I work in and have developed a hunger for learning. I want what is best for the health of my clients, the environment and the next generation to come.

Most people use approximately 5-8 personal care products a day and many of them might contain possible carcinogens. (shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, lotion, 1-3 hair products, toothpaste, etc).

Aside from all the plastic bottles and environmental impact, hair products and cosmetics are not regulated. Because the FDA does not review ingredients, they are often filled with undesirable chemicals and animal by-products.

Luckily there are ethical and sustainable companies offering quality hair color and product options today. These options are less toxic and corrosive, more natural and eco conscious. They work just as well, if not better than the chemically laden ones. While there is no such thing as organic hair color, my clients can attest to the beneficial results that they get from the Oway holistic color and hair products. During coloring, the hair is not compromised nearly as much as ammonia color, which leaves the fabric in optimum condition, and the scalp is not irritated in the coloring process since it is ammonia free. Other holistic and organic brands I choose to support are Hairstory and Cult + King.

No one knows for sure the exact effects, but why take a chance when there are clean options available giving you superior results? Respecting the planet and providing a safe and healthy environment for you is truly a win-win in my eyes.

Many of the components in beauty care products are not evaluated. With this growing awareness, there is now information out there if you search. Here’s a list of 12 ingredients to avoid (the dirty dozen).

If you are unsure of an ingredient, you can always look it up on the Environmental Working Groups (EWG) database here-

Take a look, you’re worth it!

Peace, Jo

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