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Time to detox + renew

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

It's finally here: I'm excited to be offering Oway's 100% organic detox + renew scalp treatment!

I have discovered living in the Pacific NW that it can actually be quite dry here. This can lead to having a dry or flaky scalp and build up of dead cells. To keep the hair healthy we also need to keep the scalp healthy. That means we need to stimulate circulation, remove build up and free radicals, and nourish the scalp as well.

Detox + Renew: the scalp by naturally removing built up impurities and toxins that interfere with healthy hair growth and function.

Aroma-therapeutic: properties found in our 100% pure biodynamic essential oil blends transform this from scalp detox treatment to a complete holistic wellness and beauty ritual.

Eco Application Tools: made from 100% non-toxic materials to ensure the purity and effectiveness of the treatment. Bamboo blending whisk, wooden bowl, wooden teaspoon.

With powerful detoxification properties, it's loaded with antioxidants to prevent and counteract the damaging effects of free radicals, while strengthening the hair bulb. It contains minerals that gently exfoliate and remove excess scalp residue, regulate sebum production, and regenerate and re-mineralize the skin, hair and scalp, while using an effective antibacterial agent. Detox + renew is mixed with one of the Oway Wellness Essential Oil Blends [Antioxidant Blend , Strengthening Blend or Relaxing Blend] to address your specific needs.

Introductory offer: Enjoy $10 off for the month of January.

Schedule your slot for the herbs + clay detox treatment here

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