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new clients
Welcome, I look forward to helping with all of your curly hair needs! 
My appointment book is only open 8 weeks out at a time with new slots opening weekly. If you don't see any availability, check back between Wednesday and Friday after 11AM as new appointments will become available. I don't have a cancellation list, but recommend you turn on notifications for my Instagram stories so that you can find out about any cancellations!

I do offer some after hours evening appointments priced at time and a half which you will find in my scheduling system

Your experience starts when you use my convenient online booking system. You will be prompted to set up a profile which will help you track appointments and allow me to communicate with you. Select all services you’d like and click “Book my visit”. I recommend that you opt in for text notifications for appointment reminders and download the Schedulicity app as well. After your appointment is scheduled, you will receive a confirmation email within a few minutes. If you do not receive one, your appointment did not go through. Try again and make sure you click “book my visit” to complete booking. Keep an eye out for a welcome email from me as well.

 I ask that you please give at least 48 hours’ notice for cancellations. You will receive an email reminder 72 hours before your appointment. If you are unable to make it, this would be the time cancel.  A text reminder will also be sent 24 hours before your appointment. You can log in at any time to change your appointment if it's more than 36 hours prior. The system will not allow cancellations within 36 hours of your appointment.

Your first visit:

 I am an educator and a good communicator. When you arrive, we’ll first do a thorough consultation where we will plan out, not necessarily just your first visit, but a long-term plan to ensure all of your goals are met. Please come with your hair down and in it's natural state with your usual products in it, just no ponytails or hat hair or I will not get a proper gauge of your hairs natural potential.

​We will first discuss shape, lifestyle and overall goals before starting. Know that I am a sculptor when it comes to hair, I am not a mechanical cutter. My cuts are typically not precision but based on the hairs natural texture and movement. I feel this is the best method for effortless hair. Styling tips and tricks are always taught during your visit. Curly clients will receive my eBook chock-full of information that we discuss during your visit!

I'll wrap up your visit with recommendations of organic, nontoxic, ethical and sustainable products to help you support your look at home and to protect your investment.

You can check out my Pinterest boards and gather ideas and inspiration to bring to your visit!

​Booking your appointment:

 When scheduling your first appointment, please select new client options. This will allow extra time since we have a lot to cover! 



 New Guest pricing is slightly higher than my standard pricing noted on my service menu. This is because I allot extra time during your first visit since we’ll be getting to know each other and have a lot to cover. You are about to experience an extended appointment packed with lots of information; a thorough consultation, we’ll create a plan for your visit, time for education on product application and techniques, and make our plan for future appointments.

 I will also be following up to see how your cut are working out, so again, keep an eye on your email, or possibly your junk mail folder. I look forward to meeting you!

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