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Continuing education is a must!

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

I just had the opportunity to take a workshop here in Portland with one of my favorite hairdressers, and boy am I stoked! I get bored easily, so continuing education has always been a thing for me. It keeps me creating AND keeps you up to date on the latest looks. A win, win for everyone.

I had the pleasure of spending Sunday with Jayne Matthews, the shag queen from San Francisco, AKA “Jayne the butcher”. Luckily, she didn’t teach us that part, but she did show use the razor cut shags that have made her famous. They can range from romantic Victorian hair to a modern mullet. No need to be afraid though, there’s customization for everyone! Here’s a peek at what I learned:



Isn't it lovely?

Here's a link to a great Instagram video of the model if you'd like to check it out-

Have you heard that curly hair is in? Seriously...we already knew that-

Wanna get shagged?

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Hope to see you soon! Peace, Jo

model photos by Jayne Matthews

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