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Upcoming educational hair color workshop

I’ve been using Oway’s holistic Hcolor for a few months now, and after figuring out some of the tricks, the results have been great.

You probably know that I love to learn, so I’ve signed up for their level 2 certification. I can’t get enough! So, in February I’ll head back over to Simply Organic Beauty in Tampa for 2 days to see what other tricks I can pick up. I feel fortunate to have the Organic Way national distributor right here in Florida and I love that Simply Organic is dedicated to finding the purest and highest quality products available for health conscious consumers and hairdressers. They have opened my eyes to a whole new world of organic hair products, holistic hair color, and beyond.

Shoot me any questions you may have before I head over, and I promise to come back with answers!

Schedule an appointment HERE

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