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Beauty industry convention

I just got back from the Premiere Beauty Show in Orlando and I’m pumped! This is an annual show that I love attending. It’s got all of the latest and greatest styles, products and tools, and then there’s the eco conscious stuff. I did spend some time on the eco stuff. This buzz word is thrown around a lot in today’s world. I am always on a mission to find the cleanest and most sustainable products that I possibly can for my clients and the planet. I don’t just take their word for it because they say so, or because they have beautiful botanical packaging that can be misleading. I want the details. In my recent research, I’ve been looking for “organic” haircolor. Well guess what? There’s no such thing. There are however better options. Back to the hair show… it is visual overload! From the people, to the models, to the display booths, AND the incredible outfits that the models are wearing (which is one of my favorite things). The music is pumping, hair is flying, models are strutting and everyone is at their creative best. It’s kind of like a carnival! I don’t think hair color has ever been more beautiful than the painted on looks we are doing today. Curls and texture are back! Jagged ends dominate. Fringes are still in :] Pastels and purples are everywhere. Special painting brushes, foils and irons, there are tools for everything. And then there are the things that you just don’t need, but buy anyway… Whatever your industry is, I think you are doing yourself a favor by attending conventions. I’m excited to get back into the salon. See you there!

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