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about Ouidad
the curl experts
Ouidad, PDX, Portland, Oregon, hairstylist, curly hair specialist

Ouidad is dedicated to empowering individuals with curly hair to understand, enhance and love their hair.

discover the difference a curly hair specialist can make
certified curl expert

Ouidad (pronounced WEE-DOD)  certified stylists undergo specialized training to thoroughly understand how to decipher your curl pattern and work with our proprietary carving and slicing methodology. This cutting method, along with product application and  styling techniques, work together to enhance your curls to optimum perfection.​


How is a Ouidad certified haircut different?

Developed by Ouidad, the "carve & slice" method is an exclusive cutting method only available at a select network of certified salons.  It involves strategically cutting at the curvature of the curl pattern, allowing the hair to flow. The result is well defined curls that fit gently into each other like puzzle pieces creating healthier, more manageable curls.

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