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If the system is not showing anything available, it's because I am currently booked. Please check back daily as new appointments will become available 8 weeks out. I don't have a cancellation list, but recommend you turn on notifications for my Instagram stories for any cancellations!

*Due to our close proximity with the public, we are still requiring masks for the time being.

Located in Ted Isaacs salon
1626 SE Bybee Blvd 
Portland, OR 97202

Welcome: I’m so glad you found me! My appointment book is only open 8 weeks out at a time and I am currently booked out 7-8 weeks. I am not taking any new clients for highlights.

Willamette Week: Best Hairstylist Finalist 2022


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meet Jo

 I'm JoJo, a holistic hairdresser located in SE Portland. I am proud to be part of an eco conscious international movement that holds hair stylists to the highest possible standards, offering quality organic products and services for ethical consumers who want to look good while making thoughtful choices. As an environmentalist, I use holistic, organic and sustainable products that honor your health and respect the planet, while using minimal chemicals whenever possible. I use Oway holistic hair color and products.

Being an artist, my approach is adventurous and creative rather than mechanical, and I'd say my vibe is organic laid back hippie street style :]

"It's not what you cut that matters, it's what you leave behind."

I am a hair sculptor! I specialize in sculpted, lived in looks, working with the hairs natural movement, making them low maintenance and easy to manage. I'm a craft hairdresser with a focus on details. Though my method is adaptable, I LOVE creating soft airy hair that moves and has disconnected tendrils and strong perimeters. I cut intuitively, based on French style hair cutting, taking into consideration the hairs natural movement creating haircuts that last. I hand carve creating personalized, sculpted playful styles that look effortless, even the next day! Freehand cutting along a person’s own curl or texture gives everyone their own unique look. This has all led to my trademarked Curlcraft™ hair cutting and styling methods, as well as becoming a curly hair coach in my Curlcraft education online curly hair course for hairdressers! 

I have also brought my salon experience to you in my Curlcrafting at home© 20 page print quality educational PDF eBook which is available for purchase HERE!  I walk you through washing, rinsing, build volume or collapse volume, product application, diffusing, styling tips, curls vs waves, airy vs defined, brushing, finishing, sleeping and next day refresh! Everything you need to know about dealing with your curls or waves is covered.

Aside from working with curly hair; modern mullets, razor cut shag haircuts, strong perimeters and creative haircuts are passions of mine. While I may post fun and edgy photos on my social media, at the end of the day, my goal is to help anyone who struggles with their natural texture and is wanting to embrace it. I strive to arm and educate each guest with the tools and knowledge needed to recreate the look at home, always aiming for the best possible salon experience.

 Confession: I’m addicted to education! I love learning new things, whether it’s a new cutting technique, dimensional color, or even welding! As a hairdresser, I believe that continual education is a must. I am grateful to have trained under Bumble & bumble, Ouidad, Paul Mitchell, Sam Villa and Jayne Matthews. I have attended Haircolor USA Miami, Thrive Sessions Seattle, I am an Oway master colorist having completed level 1 certification course and level 2 advanced certification course. With your health and well being in mind, I have also completed The Skinny on Melanoma risk training course, Milady 2 hour Rise Certification on domestic violence and human traffickingBarbicide COVID 19 sanitation and disinfection course, Milady 2 hour infection control course and Beauty Industry Approval Covid-19 Hygiene in the Workplace. I am also a member of the Professional Beauty Association. 

 When I'm not at the salon, I can be found soldering jewelry, painting or spinning yarn in my home studio, gardening, yoga, raising chickens and hugging my cats, traveling and camping in our van we built out, or sipping wine at a vineyard with my husband. 

 Take a look through my inspiring Pinterest boards which are a representation of the styles of hair that I'm most passionate about. I would love for you to follow along on my  educational blog HERE, and if you are interested in seeing my nature inspired, eco conscious art and jewelry, you can check that out HERE! Peace, JoJo

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