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Haircraft by Jo

a holistic curl sculptor  

Helping those with curly + wavy hair overcome their struggles by offering personalized sculpted effortless haircuts specific to YOUR hair and YOUR lifestyle needs. utilizing my trademarked Curlcraft™ cutting method and an easy styling routine. Because no one ever asks me to make their life more complicated!

meet Jo

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Hi there, I’m JoJo. I'm a holistic hairstylist and curly hair sculptor based in SE Portland. I want to thank you for considering me for sculpting your hair!


As someone who has curly hair myself, I know firsthand how frustrating it can be to find the right haircut, routine or products that work best for you. My mission is to help guide you and transform your own hair journey by providing you with a personalized, sculpted style and an easy routine that looks effortless, and works for YOU.


Being an artist, my style is adventurous and creative, and I always strive to make sure that each cut is customized to fit your unique needs. With my trademarked Curlcraft™ cutting techniques, I'm able to work with your hair's natural movement, sculpting a look that is perfectly tailored to you. With this visual method, I can camouflage straighter areas or balance curlier ones, build volume, or collapse it. The approach all depends on the direction you are headed. As with all of my art forms, my approach is organic and freeform. This is not precision cutting, so there will be varying lengths within the cut resulting in perfectly imperfect hair. When we force things, they tend to not work, but if we work with it, it can open up a whole new world!


While I may post fun and edgy photos on my social media, at the end of the day, my goal is to help anyone who struggles with their natural texture and is wanting to embrace it. So, whether you're looking for a new style or just need some guidance on how to care for your curly locks, I'm here to help.

  • I’m a good communicator, so during your salon visit we will start with a thorough consultation to build a plan for your hair and lifestyle needs.

  • Being a sculptor, I will intuitively cut by Curlcrafting along your hairs natural movement and curl pattern.

  • I am an educator and will teach you everything I know in order to help you have effortless hair that can look good day after day. Whether you air dry or diffuse, I will walk you through the entire styling process from washing to the next day refresh.

  • I strive to arm and educate every guest with the tools and knowledge needed to recreate the look at home, always aiming for the best possible salon experience. We will finish your visit with any product recommendations you may be seeking to eliminate any problems.

  • After your visit, I will be following up to see how your haircut is working out and will also share a link to my complimentary Curlcrafting @Home eBook detailing all the methods I teach you during your visit.

I'm proud to be part of an eco-conscious international movement that holds hair stylists to the highest possible standards, offering quality organic + nontoxic products and services for ethical consumers who want to look good while making thoughtful choices. As an environmentalist, I choose to use holistic, organic, and sustainable products that honor your health and respect the planet while using minimal chemicals whenever possible. 

Confession: I’m addicted to education! I love learning new things, whether it’s a new cutting technique, plant identification or welding. As a hairstylist, I believe that continual education is a must, and I am grateful to have trained under Bumble & bumble, Ouidad, Paul Mitchell, Sam Villa and Jayne Matthews. With your health and well being in mind, I have also completed The Skinny on Melanoma risk training course, Milady Rise Certification on domestic violence and human trafficking, Barbicide COVID 19 sanitation and disinfection course, Milady infection control course and Beauty Industry Approval Covid-19 Hygiene in the Workplace. I am also a member of the Professional Beauty Association.

When I'm not at the salon, I can be found soldering jewelry, sewing, painting or spinning yarn in my home studio, gardening, doing yoga, raising chickens and hugging my cats, sipping wine at a vineyard or traveling and camping with my husband in our van we built out. 

Take a look through my Pinterest boards if you are in need of inspiration. These are a representation of the styles of hair that I'm most passionate about. If you are interested in seeing more of my creative side, you can check out nature inspired, eco conscious art and jewelry HERE!

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