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 "It's not what you cut that matters, it's what you leave behind" Curlcraft by Jo


I'm excited to have you here and thrilled that you are interested in learning my methods! I look forward to teaching you my approach to cutting curly, wavy and textured hair, as well as styling and finishing techniques. Best of all, this method can be applied to every textured guest!


My goal is to provide you with the most complete curly hair education system to eliminate any fears you may have in dealing with natural textures, and arm you with tons of information, including things to share with your salon guests.


"You need to know where you are going in order to get there"


CURLCRAFT™ is not a haircut, it is a blueprint/ideology/system of visual and intuitive cutting, rather than mechanical, as well as styling and coloring. 

CURLCRAFT™ system is not a haircut, it is a blueprint/ideology of visual and intuitive cutting, styling and coloring, along with informative tools to pass on to your clients.

It can be applied to all curly, wavy and natural textured guests. It is not precision haircutting. Curls are not ordinary, so don't treat them that way!


I will be building your confidence in working with textures and help you overcome your fears. I teaching you what to look for, explain the hows and whys, address different issues and give you many styling tips.

In this course, you will receive access to video education and a PDF workbook through our Facebook group. This will allow you to work at your own pace. You will also receive a discount code for mannequins and other educational tools through my Pivot Point affiliate account! 

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What we will be covering~


  • Concept

  • Fundamentals of curls

  • Consultation

  • Method

  • Sectioning

  • Build or collapse volume

  • Splitting hairs

  • Final details

  • Styling

  • Eliminating your fears


  • you will also receive my Curlcrafting at home PDF to share with your clients!

  • a 10% discount on all Pivot point mannequins!



Airy vs full

Building volume

Collapsing volume




Product choices

Build volume

Collapse volume



Finishing details



Problem areas

Uneven curl/ texture patterns


Bleaching + highlighting


CURLCRAFT™ is copyright + trademark protected.

Please do not share this information.

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